17 Ways to Make Steady Money in Retirement

Today it is easier than ever with all the resources online to make extra money to make your retirement as smooth as possible.

‚Äč1. Start a blog or Online Course About Your Plan of Action in Retirement 

A topic or hobby that you are specialized in can be very helpful or interesting to other people. Writing blogs about it can make you money but can also keep your mind working and talking about the things you love. 

Some people have no idea about how to retire or need a little guidance, if you have mastered retirement people could benefit from what you have to share. Start an Online Course!

2. Rent Out a room in your house

With everyone moving out of your home and lots of extra space, there are websites/apps like Airbnb that allow you to rent out rooms in your space. 
If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of strangers, you can rent out to a permanent tenant.  

3. Rent out your car

There are a couple rideshare apps like turbo and drivy that allow you to rent out your car as you please.  This is a less invasive way of making money. 

4. Offering pet-sitting services for friends and family. 

Not only will you have a furry friend temporarily, but this is also a great way to earn money. It is rewarding to do something for a friend, family, or neighbor, and whenever it is your time to go on a trip they might exchange the favor and you can save some extra money. 

5. House Sit Internationally 

If you like traveling, this is for you. There are multiple sites connecting international travelers with homeowners abroad needing a pet or house-sitter. These jobs are unpaid but save you lots of money. 

6. Be a Consultant for Local Businesses, Helping Them With Everything from Marketing to Bookkeeping 

If you have experience with marketing from your old job, local businesses near you could use your help. If you don’t have experience with marketing, then bookkeeping could be for you. 

7. Start a YouTube Channel

Youtube is a site for anyone and everyone. People go on youtube to figure out how to do the most basic to more difficult tasks. Share your knowledge on different tasks by creating youtube videos. Popular channels on youtube can lead to a steady income through ad revenue and sponsorships. 

8. Tutor Students 

With tutoring, you can do it in person or online from the comforts of your own home. You can choose your own rates from $20 an hour, even higher if you have teaching experience. Children from really young to adults in grad school need tutors so there will always be a need for this job. 

9. Grade Standardized Test

Grading ACT, college board, and the nationwide standardized tests are straightforward and you are able to choose when you want to work. 

10. Do odd jobs for people in your neighborhood

Maybe you want something more outdoors and more active. There are a lot of jobs just in your neighborhood that people don’t want to do or don’t have time for. Things like mowing the lawn, raking leaves, and shoveling driveways. 

11. Babysit for Families and Friends 

Being older and having experience with children and grandchildren you will be seen as more trustworthy to parents. Some parents need date nights or just nights out. Babysitting is a way to earn good money starting from $15 an hour and your friends and family will thank you. 

12. Sell Handmade Crafts Online

Handmade things online can make a fortune. Whether it’s pottery, knitting, or paintings. If you don’t have any idea how to do any of them, you can find easy-to-follow how-to videos on Youtube. There are websites/apps out there that allow you to post your things online, like Etsy. 

13. Try Selling Your Wares at the Flea Market

If you want the more traditional way of selling your homemade things, then you can sign up for a booth at a local flea market. 

14. Dog Walk

This is another fun job if you like being active and you love dogs. Apps like Wags and Rover make it easy and convenient to start your journey of being a dog walker. 

15. Become a Study Participant 

These jobs range anywhere from $50-300 a day. There are many different studies you can be a part of and how long you want to do the study for, you can pick and choose as you please. 

16. Donate Plasma

Donating plasma is helping thousands of people around the world. You can make up to $75 per appointment donating plasma. 

17. Writing Resumes

Having any job in the past can help you with having experience in this job. You can earn around $65 per resume. Depending on your past work experience you may or may not need a certificate in order to write resumes. 


This post was written by Entrepreneur.


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