A Real Drug Story

On Friday, I drove to visit some upset clients who have been with me for over six years and are family members of other long time clients. They called me panicked after going to the pharmacy to pick up their medications the first time in 2020. Their prescription costs went from $22 per month in 2019 to $332 in 2020. I had called them a couple times and wrote them between the end of September through the December 2nd. We had spoken and they vowed to look at all the changes to their plan with me and call me back. Frankly, they had a lot going on in their family and had been happy with their plan for years. They figured it was a low priority, considering every other year we went through our review- I hadn’t ever recommended a change. Behind the scenes their 40 year old daughter who suffered from depression had hung herself and left behind three children and two grandchildren. GOOD NEWS in all of this was – they could still change their plan (until MARCH 31). They thanked me profusely for helping them choose a plan that allowed the best of care with minimal out of pocket expense when he went through an organ transplant and she simultaneously suffered from and survived breast cancer. Bottom line -I HELP HEAL AND CARE FOR FAMILIES, not SELL products or insurance.

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