Freedom Takes Planning

People do not accidentally become successful, happy, or wealthy. These realities take planning, and your financial freedom is no exception.  When my husband and I started this business we wanted people of all walks of life and income brackets to know that we can make health and life insurance easy and affordable for everyone.  That is a big deal and believe me we know.  I was too overweight and sick to get insurance for the two decades.  I could have never imagined as someone who went without health insurance for 7 years in my 30’s and never went to the doctors would have developed serious health issues, but I did. When I first spoke with my husband (when we were dating) about life insurance he thought it was silly to buy life insurance for himself and on his children since he was so young and so were they (he was in his mid thirties at the time).  Suddenly a seventeen-year-old child in his family died instantly in a car accident. Everyone in the family realized the necessity of a life insurance at an unfortunate time.  They had to borrow money, do a GoFundMe page, and finance a burial for this unexpected death.  Would you drive to the beach without filling your car up with gas? Would you leave the house all day without your wallet or lunch? NO because if you do, you know  you will be miserable and risk not making it to your destination as planned.  Let our family help you avoid these feelings by making planning easy and affordable, regardless of your budget. Give yourself and family the ultimate gift and create a tradition in your family. Remember we are not guaranteed tomorrow, so do not procrastinate!

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