Heather Majka creates Citizens Insurance Solutions and is a Sole Proprietor as of June 2019

Heather Majka, formerly Director of Senior Financial Group, starts her own company – Citizens Insurance Solutions.

After 13 great years building infrastructure, writing operational procedures, training agents, building systems, generating leads, and building relationships for someone else, I decided to leave what was once my dream job, to start my own business.  It was definitely long over do that I focus on building relationships and doing things my way.  

I always dreamed of spending more time focusing on relationships and connecting with people and with my former job I had too many demands to really do that.  Now as a sole proprietor I choose what is important and how to spend my time, serving the community!  Join me in ensuring that everyone who asks gets the help they need to cover their healthcare costs, provide peace of mind, focus on health, and feel good about their finances. We make things easy and simple and ensure that everyone knows they deserve protection.

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