So How Do We Get Paid?

There are NO Hidden Costs & You do NOT pay more to work with an Agent!

  1. Citizens Insurance Solutions (CIS) Insurance Agents that specialize in Medicare and health insurance study all year to know the inside scoop.
  2. CIS agents are NOT inexperienced order takers reading a script while working a temporary job assignment.
  3. CIS agents are not working an insurance company’s agenda/goals! WE WORK FOR YOU!
  4. Here’s how we get paid.

Our company, Citizens Insurance Solutions represents every major Medicare plan in the U.S. Each of these companies compensate Citizens Insurance Solutions for helping you through the process of identifying the right plan for you and then enrolling.

The insurance company pays a set commission per Federal and State guidelines. Here is some additional information.

Our agents are able to provide truly unbiased assistance in choosing your Medicare coverage. Consulting with an agent is free as well. You will never be charged or pay a penny for being a client and will receive expert assistance year-round.
Our agents would love the opportunity to help you with your Medicare options!

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