Insurance FAQ’s

When Should I Apply for Medicare?

That differs based on your particular situation. Not everyone has to apply OR should sign up when they are first eligible or at 65. Let us help you by tailoring a transition plan or a game plan to you and your family’s specific situation.

How Do I Apply for Medicare?

All forms, directions, and explanations can be found here.

How Much Will Medicare Cost Me?

Here is how much Medicare Part A & B & D will cost for people of ALL income levels – Your Medicare premium varies each year and is based on your household adjusted gross income from 2 years prior.

How can a Medicare Plan have a $0 Premium Every Month?

Medicare Advantage plans are the only insurance plan for people on Medicare that may not have premium (or cost money each month) associated. Nothing in life is truly free and this is not an exception. That is because like any other Medicare Insurance you purchase, you have to continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium to Social Security. When enrolled in an advantage plan, the Federal Government essentially turns that money over to the private insurance company you bought your advantage plan from. The advantage plan in turn manages your Medicare benefits in exchange for you following the plan rules to get your care paid for by the plan.

Are Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement the Same Thing?

No. A Medicare Advantage plan becomes your primary insurer (You must keep paying your Medicare Premium in addition to any choose you choose).

A Medicare Supplement only pays after Original Medicare Pays.

How Do You Get Paid?

You actually do not pay anything to use our services or receive help/advice. We are paid by the insurance company in the form of commission if we sell you insurance. We do not have to sell everyone something that we help, because we know when we have done great things to help, you will spread the word.

Why Should I Work With An Agent?

The insurance companies do not charge you a higher cost to work with an agent. If you work with an expert in this field who can offer you a variety of solutions, you know that you are in control and are being presented with all options available. An agent like us can help you deal with questions or issues that could come up so you do not have to wait on hold, get frustrated, or be misinformed by a scripted telephone representative in a call center.  WE WORK FOR YOU and NOT the 150 + companies that we represent!!

I am planning a Medicare transition and I am confused??

You are not alone! This short presentation will help you or you can watch this 2 minute video.

View our New to Medicare Digital Kit & More

I Need to Save More Money

We can help you access Medicaid, Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs, Patient Assistant Foundations for specific conditions, Manufacturers Assistance Programs, Extra Help for Prescription Drugs, help affording, food, energy assistance, internet, cell phone service and more!

Do I have to buy Obamacare?

If you are under 65 and want to buy health insurance Obamacare is not your only option. We have many options depending on your needs and budget. Plus, even if you do purchase Obamacare, do NOT do it without help of an expert, like us, because you can cause yourself some serious tax headaches!

Why do I need Life Insurance Now (I’ll worry about that later)?

No one wants to plan their funeral or think about death, that is for sure. I cannot think of one person who wants another bill or to spend more money on insurance. However, it is imperative that you purchase insurance as young as possible to lock in a low price for your lifetime. Plus, it is important that you do it before you start getting prescribed medicines and diagnosed with conditions.   Life insurance pays out within days of your passing, outside of probate and TAXES. Think about how much better it will feel to leave your home and face any kind of uncertainty, knowing your family will be taken care of.  No matter what your health is, we CAN find you life or health insurance.