Medicare Coverage & Veterans Benefit

Although it is not absolutely necessary the VA STRONGLY encourages you to sign up for Medicare Part B.  You may also want to consider getting a Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan as well.  This is especially the case for veterans that are NOT in priority group 1.  There is no guarantee that Congress will approve VA funds to treat Veterans for Priority Groups 2-8.

Here are just a few reasons why Veterans may consider enrolling in a private Medicare Supplement or Advantage Insurance Plan:

  • You do not live near a VA facility
  • You are enrolled in one of the VA lower priority groups, and could potentially lose your benefits*
  • Option to use local Doctors and Hospitals
  • Extra Benefits
  • Second opinions
  • Obtain treatment sooner than VA offers
  • Urgent Care (find out more about VA treatment for urgent care here)

Learn more about Medicare & Veteran’s benefits here

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