Social Security 1-2-3

Social Security is one system. It consists of two funds that provide three forms of insurance. Its disability, retirement, and survivors protections work together to cover many of the economic risks families face every day....
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Why Start An Online Social Security Account?

Since 2012, the Social Security Administration has scaled back the mailing of paper statements after it established a website, My Social Security, that offered access to that information online. The...
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Freedom Takes Planning

People do not accidentally become successful, happy, or wealthy. These realities take planning, and your financial freedom is no exception.  When my husband and I started this business we wanted people...
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Heather Majka, Certified Social Security Claiming Strategist, Owner of Citizens Insurance Solutions

With over 25 years of industry experience, Heather is a subject matter expert.  Heather has two adult children serving in the US military (Naval Aircrew and US Army). Heather’s former husband was a US Army SNIPER Veteran that served during Desert Storm.  Heather has is a native New Yorker who has lived in Virginia, Texas, Florida, and now lives in Tennessee.