Why make an online Medicare.gov account/login?

Watch this one minute video.

In just five minutes or less you can start a personal and secure Medicare.gov account. By why you ask would you make yet another username and password and place to log into.  Well there are a few really good reasons.

  1. You do not want someone who isn’t you doing it for you. Yes, starting an online account can prevent identity fraud.
  2. You can track your current coverage
  3. You can know when you are allowed to change (Medicare automatically tailors available times that YOU can switch) and presents customized options [Don’t worry you will still need me!]
  4. Track your claims
  5. Track your doctors
  6. Estimate your prescription drug costs

Here at Citizens Insurance Solutions, we are dedicated to help make your life easier as you relax knowing you got the coverage you needed and wanted.

Learn the steps here
Watch this one minute video.

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