Social Security Class offered at the Tellico Village Public Library

Learn more about your Social Security benefits and strategies when filing for Social Security retirement.
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Medicare Q&A at the Public Library Tellico Village

We will get all your Medicare questions answered. Learn about Advantage Plans and picking the right plan for you.
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Medicare and Cobra

Learn more about Cobra and how it is different from Medicare. You can't stay on Cobra forever. Learn why getting Medicare is important for 65+ year olds.
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Doctors and Medicare

Worried about changing doctors after getting Medicare? This short post will explain your Medicare benefits and why you don't have to change doctors.
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$300,000 for Healthcare in Retirement

Health insurance costs increase each year. The time to save is NOW. Learn more about why it's important to save for health insurance now than ever before.
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Statement About Service from Andrew Saul, Commissioner of Social Security

A message from Andrew Saul, Commissioner of Social Security: About a year ago, I took the unprecedented step to close our offices to the public. I did this to keep our...
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Status of the Medicare Trust Fund

There has been a certain amount of educated speculation about the effect of COVID-19 on the Social Security and Medicare systems. The 2020 OASDI Trustees Report, which was prepared before...
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Biden Passes the American Relief Act – What that Means for Your Healthcare and Your Wallet

American Relief Act Passes On March 11, 2021 Biden passed the American Relief Act at a price tag of $1.9 trillion. The highlights: $1,400 direct checks for Americans earning up...
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Can Congress Cut the Budget for Social Security?

No. Medicare and Social Security are MANDATORY expenses! Mandatory spending pays for U.S. federal programs that have already been established by Congress under so-called authorization laws. These laws both establish...
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Medicare Under Joe Biden and his Administration

With Joe Biden soon to be inaugurated as president what can we expect in the way of changes to the Medicare program? We heard a lot of promises around health...
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Heather Majka, Certified Social Security Claiming Strategist, Owner of Citizens Insurance Solutions

With over 25 years of industry experience, Heather is a subject matter expert.  Heather has two adult children serving in the US military (Naval Aircrew and US Army). Heather’s husband is a US Army SNIPER Veteran that served during Desert Storm.  Heather has is a native New Yorker who has lived in Virginia, Texas, Florida, and now lives in Tennessee.